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MSC Third Quarterly Meeting of 2018 was Held Successfully

Source:Eva Zhang   Date:2018-09-28  
On September 21, 2018, Mt Sierra College held the third quarterly meeting in the campus auditorium. All MSC staff participated the meeting, which hosted by the Vice-President of MSC, Dr. Sanchez. The conference conveyed a comprehensive summary of the work for the spring and summer 2017-2018 and deployed various tasks for each department for the next quarter.
Dr. Sanchez first welcomed and introduced the new recruits. The new president of MSC, Brian made an impassioned speech on the future vision of Mt Sierra College, conducted a comprehensive review of the retention rate, satisfaction, ACCSC final certified work, and the school policy development, and highly appraised the teaching work of each department.
Secondly, the teacher representative presented the analysis and deep discussion on the student employment strategy in the conference, sharing that through the activities by individual or by group to convey important practical experience to help students on employment achievement.
The leadership also setup a Student Success Group, including D2L program, by Dr. Sanchez, Valerie Shay, Andre Arsinian, and the Information Technology Department Tim Peterson, who contributes technical support. D2L is a communication tool online during students or between students and teachers. In meanwhile, Cvue was used to storage of student files online. All participants presented great appreciation after received the answers for their valuable opinions from various perspectives for the innovation.
Thirdly, Dr. Sanchez analyzed the chart of quarterly retention of last 10 years statistics by comparing the data to the quarterly retention for the last 2 years, resulted that the highest retention rate was in 2018 spring. Dr. Sanchez praised each faculty for their efforts in Mt Sierra College.
After that, the Human Resource Director, Nancy restated the importance of the employee handbook. All participants studied the training materials for the "Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)". To create higher human resources values for MSC, Nancy thanked all faculty members for their great cooperation on punctual attendance and compliance with all campus rules. At the request of Board of Directors, a gift was given to everyone for mid-autumn festival, prepared by CEO's office.
IT support, Timothy Peterson held a training regarding the management of campus emergency, such as evacuation/first aid/self-help and so on. All participants studied the correct way of cardiopulmonary resuscitation through the video demonstration, and indicated that it’s very useful to each one in the campus.
The Director of Admissions Department, Daniel Banyai announced the top priority in next quarter for Admission Department even was each department's priority which was bringing more students. The establishment of the admission program and enrollment goals, planning to participate various exhibits in popular-branded universities and colleges to expand market. Daniel also appreciated in advance for all departments’ efforts on admission goals and each referral. In the other hand, he emphasized that the basic of importance of referral was the student's satisfaction experience in MSC, ensuring both of the intention rate and recommend. 
At the end of the meeting, all staff attended a team-building activity divided by several individual groups and shared the achievements of the areas in which we had been responsible for the past quarter. We have lots of challenges and difficulties in current trials, Dr. Sanchez encouraged each staff has to focus on our major goals and priorities set for this year and  work together to ensure that the our school objectives and tasks formulated will be fully completed in this year. To commitment our mission over the years: “Mt Sierra College is dedicated to providing access to higher education in a practical, hands-on quality learning environment that is flexible and accessible to a geographically diverse and multicultural population. The College is committed to preparing students with the requisite knowledge and skills needed for successful careers in today’s rapidly changing and complex global marketplace.”

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