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Hengda Group solemnly held the 2018 Autumn Admissions Confer

Source:Ma fangfei   Date:2018-07-12  
On the morning of April 25, 2018, Hengda Group held the 2018 Autumn Admissions Work Conference in the hall of Beijing Institute of Technology,Zhuhai. Participating in this conference were more than 50 people including group leaders, leaders of cooperative schools, leaders of enrollment, heads of campuses, and the heads of functional departments. Qu Wen, the assistant to the group's president, hosted the meeting .
At the beginning of the meeting, the president of the group, Tang Xuheng, gave a speech on the mobilization of the enrollment work in the autumn of 2018. Mr. Tang made the contents and purpose of the meeting clear to the conference attendees, emphasized the main content of the "Hengda Group's 2018 Autumn Admissions Arrangement," and wished the conference and the 2018 autumn enrollment work a complete success.
 After that, the six vice presidents, assistant presidents and directors of the group made speeches on how to do a good job in the coordination of enrollment services and the requirements for enrollment work. The five enrollment leaders made speeches on their own enrollment work. They unanimously stated that under the unified leadership of Hengda Group, the enrollment work will be carried out in strict accordance with the norms, and the 2018 autumn enrollment task will be fully completed.
At the end of the meeting, the signing ceremony and the oath ceremony of the admissions responsibility book were held. The enrollment leaders and the president signed the 2018 Autumn Recruitment Task Book; all the participants enrolled the staff to take the following oath to the conference: strictly follow the Hengda Group's 2018 autumn enrollment work arrangement, carry out the enrollment work according to law and integrity, fulfill their duties, be brave in practice, and boldly innovate. Exclude all difficulties, complete the enrollment task with quality and quantity.
The meeting was successfully completed with a warm oath and warm applause.

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