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Mt Sierra College 2018 Graduation Ceremony

Source:Sunny   Date:2018-07-10  

On June 28th, 2018 at 6 pm Mt Sierra College graduation ceremony was successfully held at the Baldwin Park Art Performance Center. More than 600 Graduates, family members and faculty members attended the graduation ceremony. Faculty Valerie shay hosted the ceremony.

After the ceremony began, Dr. Rhea Sanchez, the Vice-president, first spoke. Dr. Sanchez expressed her warmest congratulations to the graduates who are about to bid farewell to the school and embark on a new life journey. Then, Mt Sierra College alumni Marina De Lira as keynote speaker shared her entrepreneurial journey with all the graduates who are ready to take on the world, and encouraged everyone to insist on it when they encounter difficulties, and never give up. Honor students from Information Security program, Visual Effects Program, Game Arts program, and Business program also gave the speech. Each of them shared their learning experiences at Mt Sierra College, and they sincerely expressed their gratitude to the faculty and staff of the college. Some of them experienced family tragedies or being confused about the meaning of life, but they have overcome those obstacles under the help of the school and personal efforts, and proudly shared their achievement with the family today.

Finally, Dr. Sanchez presented the graduation certificate to the graduates. The graduation ceremony was celebrated in the cheers of family and friends.

Blessing the 2018 graduates of Mt Sierra College on the road to life in the future, creating a brilliant life of their own.

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