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College Activities

Camouflage military training, Youth without regrets

Source: Wang Chunhui   Date:2016-10-20  
        ---Harbin engineering University 2016

The military training is all buttoned up.
On August 21, 2016, The Harbin engineering college presented a scenes of wonderful performance of freshmen military training.
This military training got strongsupport and concern of the company and the campus leaders. In order toimprove the teaching quality and guarantee the military training effect, so the campus gave great attention and put the training as a focus of teaching, as well as clarify request all departments participation andcoordination to ensure the smooth completion of training work. During the military training, each head teachers were on the front lines,and do great work. Campus office、academic affair office and logistics department donethe work well in the military training and organized military training activities.
A total of one hundred and twenty-onestudents attended this military training. This training schedule was tight, task was much and training was intense.Although the training conditions are very tough, all students can overcome these difficulties, mentally high paying attention to this training and to completed all tasks.During seven days ofstringent training, all students followed instructions, respect the military instructors, endure hardships. After seven days of training, the studentshaveimproved their comprehensive quality. It is because of everyone’s unremitting efforts, the students can reflect the good energy and spirit during training report.
Through this military training, students are gained their discipline, trained spirit of painstaking efforts and willpower.At the same time,it improved their self help ability and physical quality,also strengthenedstudents’ confidence and sense of responsibility. Established deep friendshipamong students, teachers and instructors, and cultivated students’ enthusiasm of love school、love major and love class, inspired everyone’s collective sense of honor.

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