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Anhui International Business Campus Visit at MSC

Source:Eva Zhang   Date:2018-12-07  
On November 27, 2018 at 10:30 in the morning, Mt Sierra College (hereinafter referred to as “MSC”) welcomes a delegation of six (6) from Anhui Institute of International Business (hereinafter referred to as “AIIB” or “delegation”), which is leading by the president, Professor Qing Zhang. The delegation members are impressed at the environment of academic atmosphere.
The welcome ceremony is in the small auditorium of MSC, hosting by the Admission Director, Daniel Banyai, with a welcome speech, as the president of campus was on business trip in China. A small gift set was presented to each member of the delegation. The Vice President of MSC, Dr. Sanchez, the International Students Advisor, Mr. Angel Cruz and the Director of Human Resource, Nancy Feng participate the ceremony as well.
Daniel Banyai made a general introduction of MSC to the delegation, showing the current programs (Media Arts Design & Information Technology, etc.) of Mt Sierra College, the students’ works through PPT, and sharing the students’ life & study via video. The Lead Instructor of Media Arts, Tommy Cho and the Chair of IT Department, Leonard Gonzalez successively demonstrate the characteristics of current programs and highlights of their own department respectively to the delegation.
It’s moving forward to 11:10am, which is the campus tour time, led by Angel Cruz. The delegation visit the small classroom, laboratory, student works gallery, and students resources center. At the MSC’s eastern entrance, the delegation is attracted by the scrolling electronic screen with daily curriculums schedule of each program, which receive much praise on this approach. They are also surprised at the electronic banner showing “Welcome Anhui Institute of International Business” at the student lobby, which makes the delegation feel so warm like at home.
After the campus tour, the Vice President of MSC, Dr. Sanchez invites the delegation into the large conference room to have a short meeting regarding the cooperation matters. The Human Resources Director, Nancy Feng, who is a senior bilingual employee in MSC, introduced some of the mature collaboration models currently, such as 2+2 program. The president of AIIB, professor Zhang, is interested in 2+2 program very much and agrees the model Nancy Feng’s proposal. Professor Zhang and his delegation would like to review each item of the agreement of intention when they go back to China subsequently, in order to facilitate the cooperation as soon as possible.
(On behalf of MSC, The Vice President, Dr. Sanchez accepted a gift from the President of AIIB.)
       After lunch, between 1:00 and 1:30 in the afternoon, the delegation is arranged in the Media Arts class as auditors to experience the professional teaching method. They are deeply impressed by the lively teaching style, the mode of learning while operating and the free question-and-answer session. At the end of the campus visit, the delegation would like to express their deep appreciation for the warm reception from MSC staff and looking forward to MSC’s visit to China in future.

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